Fall Breakaway - "Teach Us To Pray"

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Join us for a refreshing escape from the Stanford bubble before midterms hit. We'll be up in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountains and we'll take time to worship, to learn from God's Word, and to enjoy some stunning nature.

What are we going to do?

We're going to do an intensive study of the Lord's Prayer, and spend lots of time in prayer and worship.

We’re going to have fun - night hikes, possibly mini golf, perhaps a lake outing depending on the weather

We’re going to eat delicious food

Can I get homework done? Yes. You will have access to WiFi and there is down time in the schedule to get stuff done. In addition, you can always skip some of the events in order to get more homework accomplished. You will also have Sunday afternoon after we return to focus on your academics.

When do we leave and return? Our goal is get everyone in a car by 3pm on Friday October 13th. That never happens. Cars usually wind up leaving throughout the afternoon and there always seems to be one that leaves at 10pm or some absurd hour.

We’ll be leaving after church on Sunday Oct 15th and should be back to campus by 3-4pm depending on where you stop for lunch on the way back.

My dorm has an event! Your dorm always has events. You live with those people and will get to know them naturally over time. Come to Fall Breakaway instead!

I’m not sure if Chi Alpha is my thing yet. This is a great way to decide. In fact, it’s one of the purposes. Come hang with us!

How should I pay? You can venmo @xastanford or you can pay with cash or check upon arrival.

I want to go but can't afford it. Talk to Glen. Money won't be the thing that holds you back.

  • $35New Student (Frosh or First Year Grad)
  • $49Regular

Event Details

  • Oct 13
    6:00 pm
    Oct 15
    3:00 pm
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