Fall Campout

Come to fall campout

We're bringing back a classic Chi Alpha tradition - the fall campout. We're heading to Memorial Park, about an hour from campus.

We're going to worship, pray, spend time in God's Word, and spend time in God's creation.

You've got three options:

Come For Just The Day

Some people hate camping. If that's you, we've got a great option for you. Just drive down Saturday morning and spend the day with us. Sleep in your comfy bed, shower in your luxurious hot water, and grab coffee on the way down. You'll be present for all of the major activities.

Camp Friday to Saturday

This is what most people will do. We'll drive down Friday night, sleep in tents, and then wake up and participate in the day activities above. This is a ton of fun, and leaves you with Saturday night and all of Sunday to get your homework done.

Camp Friday To Sunday (two nights)

There are a few hardcore people who want to do two nights. This will involve moving campsites on Saturday because we only have the group campsite reserved for Friday-Saturday. These spots are contingent on there still being family campsites available Saturday-Sunday - the earlier you reserve this ticket the better. There won't be any formal XA programming the second night. It's just going to be you and your friends chilling in the woods. In case it was not clear, you will not have WiFi, so get your homework done first.

  • $35Overnight Camping Sounds Fun
  • $15Just The Daytime, Thanks
  • $50OMG - I Want To Camp Both Nights!
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